"Focus My Life is one of those sneaky good tools you use and may pick up again later, and then use and pick up again. All those times you have been picking it up and putting it to rest, you have slowly been manifesting your goals. I used Focus My Life to help me find a new job. Although I give my book rest I am still focusing on my goals. This is a great tool to level up!

A Personal Life Coach Journal

Why focus my life

Book Description

Everyone wants to be better or happier but often don’t know where to start or have the support to do so. Focus My Life gives you a starting point and support to level up. This book is broken down into different areas of our lives and allows us to focus. By using T.M.E. Concepts, successful people create their most powerful support system -YOU!

What focused people are saying?

Bought the book for my cousin, who was finishing up her last semester at college. It made it easier for her to keep track of her assignments and note the things that were most important to. She loves it."
"This book is an amazing book. When I felt that I couldn’t organize my thoughts enough this book gave me guidance on how to arrange and prioritize different aspects in my life"
"This book gave me so much clarity and helped really be specific on my goals"

Author Bio

Amira Ford is a certified life coach, youth facilitator, and an advocate through comedy for doing what you love. #DWYL Since 2011, Amira has worked with various nonprofits creating and facilitating goal setting and life skill workshops helping young adults level up. On her mission to level up her own life, Amira created Focus My Life as a personal tool to keep her goals and progress all in one place. Currently, at 8.2, she is using FML to continue to level up. The completion of this book was proof to her that leveling up is more than possible when you focus on your life. Amira resides in Brooklyn, New York but will soon be living in a van traveling to a city near you! She is excited to share this journey with you as you do what you love and level up.

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