My Woordle Theory

Do you Woordle?!?

Woordle, recently bought by the NY Times, has been taking over the hearts of millions including myself.

So obsessed that I even shared it multiple times in the group chats, post my streak on Instagram, and even got my mom playing!!!!

Now the real question: Do You Woordle?!?!

If not watch the video to the right and click this link to get started. Play before you read my theory so you can see if it works for you.

My Woordle Theory?

As you may know, a lot happens within our subconscious. Our subconscious is defined by Oxford Dictionary as ” the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware, but which influences one’s actions and feelings”.

 With that being said, Woordle is all about guessing words, to get the right word, but the vast amount of five letter words, one can assume that this word has to come from our subconscious. Where else did you pull these random words from?!?

With that being said, look at the words you play, did those words correlate with your day, your feelings, or surroundings?

Of course I feel like this only works for a few words at the end of the day we’re trying to win, so when you have clues, your conscious brain takes over and is like I got this.

Even then you con sometimes see a theme in your words before you get to right one. 

Check out my examples and see if you can sense what was happening in my subconscious.

1st one, clearly my mind was in the gutter, I don’t want to go into it, but that is how I first realized the influence of what I was watching was influencing my words.  This is not a moment to judge but reflect on your words and their meanings lol.

2nd one I was all about work, I was getting ready for a group session, yup bright and early, meaning 10am but I was up at 9. 

I’m just bragging on the 3rd one, but I was liking this game so much was feeling like a nerd and got it in 3, shout out to the inner nerd in me. I really want to get it in 2 or 1 if that’s even possible. 

Depending on your subconscious it actually maybe!!! 

Anyways this is just my theory, and actually maybe fact, who knows, but take a look at your words and see how they relate to your life!


Drop in the chat your opinion on my Woordle Theory and if it correlated with your words.


No matter if it did or didn’t please continue to enjoy the game of Woordle and if you ever get it in 1, plllleeeeeaaasssseee let me know, I’m also on Instagram @tmegoals tag me!!!!


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