How to set up Options in Robinhood

Focus Finances: Starting with Options!!!

Recently got into learning how to do options and also recently made some great gains in this $500 Option Challenge by OGCashflow,  that made me wish I knew about options a lot sooner!!!! The best time to start investing is now, well not now if the market is closed but ASAP! The sooner you start investing the sooner your money can start working for you. In order to get started you should have Robinhood. If you don’t have Robinhood, click right here and get you a free stock by signing up. Once you have the app, watch this super quick video that walks you in through on how to set up your options account in Robinhood. Once you are approved you can participate on the option games!

Of course there’s plenty of other apps you can use to set up options, this to me was the easiest, as I get more advance I may switch the “Etrade” but I like the ease and simplicity of Robinhood.

 No matter where you choose to invest, most important that you get started. If options are stocks are too much then you also have the option of apps like Acorns or Wealthfront that literally invests your money for you. Get started, thank me later and  HAPPY INVESTING!!! .

Disclaimer: Like the guy said theres a chance you can make money or lose money, so do your research, be confident when making trades.

Also there’s also a greater chance you will lose money to food you didn’t need from Doordash, you may as well cook one night and buy a fraction of a share in Doordash with that same $23 they were charging you for Popeyes lol 

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