Finances: Creating Watchlist on Google Sheets

Creating a watchlist on google sheets

I recently stepped up from stocks into trading options. With the option game I wanted to be a little be more disciplined and in control of my investments and one of the best ways to this, is to create a watchlist. A watchlist is helpful so you can track your stocks knowing the best time you should buy, sell, or hold. 

Most apps have a watchlist and do a pretty good job but if you’re like me and have multiple apps that you trade on or honestly just want to tailor your watchlist to add information to make the best decisions for yourself, you may want to make your own. While looking to see how to do this, I found a super cool template that was found on simply Google Sheets.

If you go into the templates and search “Google Finance Investment Tracker” you should find it. Looks like this:

If you can’t find it feel free to click on this link and just copy and create your own investment tracker. The tab on the bottom displays the watchlist.

I added a few stocks I’ve been watching as an example, def do your research on them and check them out as potential investments.

I really like this template because it is connected to Google Finances meaning all the stocks and numbers are in real time.

Most financial apps have their own watchlist that does the same thing, which is cool use those, but the thing about having this if your serious about your finances and investments is that it allows you to tailor it exactly to you as you like. 

You can add new rows, and columns to fit the things that you are tracking such as notes, exit price, strike price, percentage gains, etc. 

Especially if you’re starting to get into option trading, a watchlist is a good option to have.

Hope this was helpful, I’m excited to watch me make more money with my own watchlist and hope your just excited to make money with yours!!!!

Happy Investing!!!!

*Add your Financial Investment Tracker to your cell phone* 

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