T.M.E Challenge Week 1 Reflection

Week 1 Reflection

It’s been a week since I started the TME Challenge, so far in the 7 days what I learned

By Amira Ford

Day 1: Completed everything, I was excited and motivated 100% done! 

Reflection: I’m great at starting something new!

Lesson: Use new things as motivation or see every day as a new challenge! 

Day 2: Completed Everything! I downloaded Runkeeper, and Wow, it took my running workout to another level. At first I dreaded working out, but it started off with a walk, yes a WALK! The workout plan I started with was “Your First 5K” and it started with a walk, and then six 1-minute interval’s of running in between. What makes that app even cooler, is that there is a coach that guides you, and you can still play your own music!!!!

Lesson: If you want to ease your way into running RunKeeper is recommended!!!  So much I’m thinking about investing in it and myself and becoming a Runkeeper Go member. For now though going to keep using the free version lol

Day 3: Completed Everything!!! I am on a roll! 

Lesson Learned: Great salads can come from Burger joints. Got a jerk salad from Burger UrWay and it was amazing!!!! As a carnivore this salad was a great ease for this challenge.

Lesson Learned: Yoga is amazing! I want to do it more, great for days when your super sore.  Oh and platies is hard as shit, not for beginners!

Day 4: Completed Everything!! 4/4

 This day was tough because I went into work but I made sure I completed it by getting my workout in before bed and stayed up extra late singing my affirmations. If your not a talented singer like myself this can be very fun! Because if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can, I actually stayed up later than needed not even trying to fix it but just to sing along and laugh too.

Lesson Learned: Nothing is going to be perfect the first time, laughing at yourself and by yourself is healthy. Sounds weird but there’s a certain joy in having a laugh with yourself.

Day 5: aka Friday. Was thrown of today because had to go in to work, and actually work!!!! Didn’t have my water with me, nor did I have time to get in a quick office workout. I don’t even think I had a lunch break (granted it was a holiday party, but I technically should still get allotted time to eat alone or wander aimlessly for an hour) but I was busy. Afterwork I had plans to meet with one of my best friends in the city, I knew I had to workout and drink water, walk the dog I’m dog sitting, but yet still went out and failed two challenges.

Reflection: I often choose fun over “responsibilities” all the time, I think that need to practice prioritizing my goals first, which is fun just delayed fun lol. Although now I know I would have felt so much better chilling with her knowing that I took care of my goals first not  having I had to leave “early” to workout at 11:00pm. 

Lesson Learned: I will take care of my goals first so I have even more fun later! 

Day 6: Back on the completion! It was Saturday and the focus was happy and I was happy to do it! I believe this day I drank a full gallon of water!!!! One to make up for yesterday’s water fail and also because when you have access to your gallon its easier to complete that goal.

Lesson Learned: Start your day with happy thoughts and happy conversations. You learn a lot about a person when they share about what makes them happy. Ask someone today what makes them happy! 

Day 7: Sunday Funday! Not even, I slept, I knew I wanted to rest because the last past 6 days I been pushing my body but didn’t want to rest so much that I didn’t take time to simply affirmate for 5 minutes.  How come I couldn’t make 5 minutes to look in the mirror and say I AM WEALTHY! A little disappointed in not doing that one. 

As far as reflecting, I now believe that reflecting on Monday’s is better than Sunday’s. Just because I sat down to do this on Sunday, I was just so tired and still had things to check off my list that I put it off until I accomplished everything which was……..this morning lol. 

Lesson Learned: Don’t put off what you can do now!

Overall 5/7 Days with completed actions!!!! Out of the 42 actions I took 38 which is 90% of the goals completed on time. In reality even if I don’t complete the challenge on the day, I do make it up the following day, so 100% of these actions will be taken, just how many will be on time is the challenge lol! 

Lesson Learned: Reflect daily! This was a lot to recap lol 

I hope this motivated you to continue to challenge yourself and take actions to get closer to your goals!

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