T.M.E Daily Challenge Day 1

I was inspired by the 75Hard Challenge sent my by cousin to create my own challenge. After listening to his podcast on the program, I thought it was cool but also super hard, so I created the TME 70 Day Medium lol. Maybe one day I’ll attempt the 75Hard.

This is still going to be a challenge, I’m honestly still trying to do everything on the #75Hard with adding TME concepts to the equation but I know myself and it’s getting cold out lol so yeah I’m going to listen to my “bitch voice” as he calls it in his podcast and adjust this to me. Below are the 2 for comparison.



Thankfully to technology and everyone being on the wellness wave that tools are easy to find with an app. 

Think- For meditation I highly recommend Insight Timer, if you haven’t check it out, check out the money mediation I tried earlier today.

Make a Statement- Affirmations can also be found on Insight Timer, but  went to Spotify and typed in Money Affirmations and found quite a few and really liked this one. I Am Healthy and Wealthy, I really like it because it put it in perspective that money isn’t much if you aren’t healthy to enjoy it.

Express- There’s many things that can be created, but I decided to create a video from some of the footage I had working out, def took a lot longer than I thought, but it was time spent on being creative soo its all good, just a note to self to have a time limit.

Focused Action- Being more consistent is something that I’m working on doing with this challenge which includes blogging more, creating and sharing content, so spent some time, and still spending time completing this focused action.

1/2 Gallon- that was easier than I thought, maybe it was because I was home all day, or imagined that every sip was worth $1,000 but I’m basically almost done, may push for a gallon next week.

Workouts- Got to do my first 2 a day since college which feels strange, wish I had something I was training for, oh yeah my abs back, remember your why!!! I did a park workout this morning which was also the first time I worked out in the morning in a long time, well before noon, I started at 11, but most importantly got it done. The second workout was a struggle to do I found the video, but didn’t actually start it until at 11pm. 

Here’s the link to the ab video, it was hard,  it started off with good music, like it was going to be an easy vibey workout. Nope, the music stayed cool but the workout quickly became uncool. lol She was serious about that 30 minutes, so serious she didn’t even talk, every second of that 30minutes was accounted for.  I did like the amount of exercise that were in there, and the ones that were hard, the V crunch I think was the one I had some issues with, so instead I did an alternative ab exercise like a plank or crunches for the 50 seconds instead. I’m all about moderation so if you do it, don’t stop and watch, choose an exercise that you can do.


No matter what challenges you decide to do, or how you decide to moderated them remember your why and most importantly remember to have fun. It may not be at first but wait until you start seeing the results of your hard or medium work lol Either way your winning by taking the time to improve yourself!


Let me know about some cool challenges you have taken or thinking about taking on.


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