Focus Love: Working Out

Last week I weighed myself I was a whopping 140. Some people may wish to see that number on a scale but I’m not one of them. My ideal weight is 125-130 so I have 10 pounds to lose and quickly please, and if I love myself I will do what it takes to do so.

Feeling overweight has an affect on your self-esteem, well I’ll talk for me personally, although most people would agree if they were more fit they would feel better about themselves.

My body isn’t use to carrying around this extra weight and I’ll feel better without it and with a six pack lol. The great thing about these extra 10 pounds is I can take action and make a positive and visual change.

As a Love focus, self love is a priority and that means taking care myself and my body. So to get started yesterday I looked up some easy workouts to get started and can across this website

What I like about this website is that it shows you how to do each activity right then and there without pushing a button.

This 12min hit all major areas, fun, and so easy to do you can get your children to join and do it with you. I didn’t invite the kids but my cousins children joined in on the action and were surprisingly very motivating. I’m competitive and not going to get worked out by a 4 year old, and she was pretty good in completing the exercises.

Check out the Self link for more motivational workout and start giving your body that positive attention it needs.

Enjoy your workout and/or do something to love yourself this week!!!!

What do you do to love you?!?!?! Let me know in the comments

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