Van Hunt Pt.5 New Perspectives


Van Hunt Pt 5

I’m moving on from the sale of the van and looking at new perspectives, went to see one last weekend, read below to see how it went

Hunt Continues

Still down about the last van, I continued the search last weekend with the help of my dude who thought it would be a good idea to just go to every one and check it out. Me personally have been checking online every day so I know without going that there’s nothing out there. We went anyways and hit up two dealerships and both didn’t have anything worth pursuing or at all. The next day he said we should go again, so saw a 2020 with low miles which, it was sold by time we got there but they did have a 2017 Ford Transit sitting in the back that I got to check out;

2017 Ford Transit High Roof Ext

Not actual van just a model not getting attached lol


  • Price, even though they are juicing it its a solid price
  • Low insurance rates
  • Accident free  (has its share of bumps and bruises)


  • Small Rust spots
  • Wet carpet which is starting to cause mold in the van.

Do I really want it?

I’m 80% sure. I went through the steps and so far I’ve been approved, so these are all great signs. I want to get it inspected from the Ford Dealerships and do closing deals. I’m not going to post any pictures because rule number 1 is not to get attached, and last time I was.

I’m okay with not getting attached because of the comfort that I can make the windows where ever I want and add the circle ones and make them cute.

I been looking for over a year and nothing will be perfect, so its best to act now, so as long as this passes the check list, its a go.

My next action:

  1. Call the dealership and schedule to take it to Ford dealership

Until next time hope your taking actions to whatever your goals or focus area maybe.



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