The Becoming of TME to LLC pt 2: EIN

The Becoming of TME to LLC Pt2

Soooo remember in part 1 when I said I tried to file TMEGoals as an LLC on my own…yeah that caused a problem…read below

So apparently when I tried to file for an LLC on my own on the Secretary of State page, it actually went through and completed the process. So when I went through the process literally 2 hours later with Incfile, they said TMEGoals has already have been taken and their request they made was rejected. The only way they can continue filing on my behalf is if I wanted to change the business name or else they would have to issue a refund. 

I love TMEGoals as a name so I got the refund. It was cool  to hear that it went through on my end but now I have to do  all the extra steps to my goal myself, which may actually turn out to actually also be a simple experience and I get to save $200 dollars. 

Now that I filed, I believe I just wait until its been process, but I need to still complete to main goal that started this LLC, which was to get a business account! I did some research and add results below.

What is needed from Bank of America to create a online business bank account online:

  • Business Tax ID aka EIN Number
  • Date business was formed 
  • Country and state of legal formation (formed in U.S. to apply online)
  • Country and state of primary business operation (must be a U.S.-operating business) 
  • Legal business name and DBA (“doing business as”) name, if applicable

First Action is getting the EIN number:

The list is short but the most important one and also really easy to do is to get your business tax id or your EIN number. In order to do so, you simply go to IRS and fill out the application! For Free! I was paying incfile extra to do this when it was pretty simple and the IRS has videos and answers to common questions.

  • It took about 5 minutes or less

Next Action:

Contact Bank of America and follow the rest of the steps to open up an account. Ideally it will be just as easy as getting an EIN number. I sent an email to the representative that help get me started and hopefully I can work with him to finish the process, if not then I will carry on and complete the application online myself.

Seems like I’ve been doing everything else myself so far. Just my luck I imagine that I will do it myself tomorrow lol and right when I’m about to submit the rep will call, try to help and then tell me oh, you can’t have it because you practiced filling out the application too many times. 

Hopefully not either way, good to know its capable of being done and glad I was able to take action to my goals!

What actions did you take today towards your goals?

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