The Becoming of TME to LLC

The Becoming of TME to LLC

I got a check and couldn’t cash it…read how I overcame this obstacle and leveled up!

I recently sold 100 copies of Focus My Life!!!! First I’ll take a moment to celebrate lol, like really this was an amazing goal and a blessing and just the start of many more. #thankful

It was super cool to receive the check but the excitement slowed down when I found out I couldn’t cash it. I’ve contracted with several nonprofits before, give out the same invoice, fill out the same W9 and never had a problem cashing checks for work that I do with TMEGoals. So when I went through the process with the mobile app, I was expecting it to be clear in 2-3 days so I can go ahead and purchase the books. To my surprise 3 days later the check was returned. So when I seen the return I immediately called my bank and asked them who, what, where and most of all WHY?!?!


Turns out the reason was because it was entering into my personal account when the payment was made out towards TMEGoals. Despite me being the owner I could not cash the check. Okay….so now what?

In order to move forward I would have open up a new business account (I closed the old account due to lack of business lol) but I had to do much more than provide an EIN number from 8 years ago to activate it. lol With the help of several representatives (shout out customer service, you guys are essential)  I was able to figure out what I needed to do to resolve this issue.

I made some calls and did some research and went to the state site to register and do it myself, but after some uncertainty I found a simpler way that was explained in the video that breaks down the whole process. Basically putting off the hard work to a company called Incfile. 

They do most of the work for you when it comes to getting the state documents and for free + the state cost, which you were going to pay anyway. I went and got the Gold package which gave me the bank statements I need to complete this mission.

Although this started off as a block its actually a blessing in disguise and a great step forward in the right direction for TMEGoals.

Obstacles can seem daunting or annoying but when there is a will there is a way, once you find the way, take action and look for the good in your situation. 

If you haven’t started writing down your goals and 

dreams definitely start today, and if you want a place to organize those dreams and hold you responsible for the actions it takes to level up then check out Focus My Life.




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