Van Hunt Pt.4

Van Hunt Pt 4

Sooooo apparently the van is still there! I have mixed feelings on both the van and the dealership….read more below

Hunt Continues

As I wiped my tears and continued my hunt, I start seeing the same pick of the of litter I’ve been seeing. I started watching van hunt videos from current vanlifers and one of the rules was

1. Dont get attached to any van!

I’m guilty of getting attached to this one. I really do like this van the low miles the windows, omg the windows are lovely the circle ones are really cute.

Clearly attached, so I go back on the website and the van is still there, but for a higher price. At first I’m like it is same day maybe they didn’t take it down, but it’s still up a few days a later and my boyfriend calls and they say it’s still for sale🤯🤯🤯

So I’m like why did the salesman say he sold it? 🤔 Like now I’m having mixed feelings on it like why lie, just say “sorry Miss we don’t think you don’t have enough credit to get this vehicle, you took too long and we are going to raise the price” be honest.

That wasn’t cool so I’m a little turned off by this dealership but they do have what I want so if I deal with them I’ll keep it straight up and easy, here’s the money thank you for my keys.

Rule 2. Vans go quick

If it’s still on the market for too long something maybe wrong with it. Its been 3 weeks and it’s still there. Hopefully God is holding it for me. I know the accident had airbag deployment, so I definitely want to check the structure and frame work to make sure it it’s worth but once that check out it leads me to my next question

Do I really want it?

My takeaway a few days ago was:


Now that it’s here, I have to ask myself do I want it and if so what’s holding me back from going and get it? Things keep popping up such as

Can I find Parking? Is too much money? Do I have time to build? Responsibility? Commitment? Do I have enough support? Am I ready to be a homebuyer?? Soooo many things that I didn’t let phase me before when people through these questions at me. I believe these are just fears coming up as I get closer to my goal, so will take time to face each one with a solution and face it with love rather than fear.

Until next time and hope your taking actions to whatever your goals or focus area maybe.

If you need help finding a focus area please leave a comment or send a DM to @TMEGoals 1or email to get started




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