Van Hunt Pt.2

Van Hunt Pt 2

So still awaiting updates for my perspective van but in the meantime I continued my search and made a trip to Inwood to check out a 2016 FT250. Amazing deal from the outside looking in, but once I actually looked in the van I could see why…read more below

Thursday I got a email from a dealership with an update on a 2016 Ford Transit 250 High Extended for 27k with 30k miles. Amazing deal from the outside looking in, but once I actually looked in the van I could see why.

The Flaws

Only God knows happened in 2016 the back of the van for those 30,000 miles. It looked like who ever got the truck didn’t drive it much but whenever they got to their destination the celebrated by banging hammers in the back. It also didn’t help that when I went to look at the van their were like 10 used tires in the cargo blocking space to roam freely in my potential home.

If the scratches, dents and bangs weren’t enough the one big deal breaker is that there is a possibility that their maybe rust. I spent a lot of time trying to decipher if the brown marks in different areas of the van was rust or just scratches left from the destination celebrations. Rust seriously though is a deal breaker in vanlife, makes sense I can’t have my home deteriorating on me. I googled solutions and it’s doable if you catch it early and there are paints you can put on but I already have to build my home don’t want to add extra work if it’s not worth it.

Despite those flaws, the whole trip was still overall SUCCESS!!! the salesman was interested in my build and gave me honest feedback on the van but the greatest thing happened though when he asked if I wanted to TEST DRIVE!!!!! 🤯🤗💗

You know it!!! GOALS!!!!!

Test Drive

I’ve looked at a lot of Ford T250 Transits but I never drove one so was definitely excited and nervous for this opportunity. I was super cautious at first because of the length was a little longer than I’m used too (lol).  The mirrors though were extra helpful making sure not to take out any regular size cars as I pulled out the car lot lot. Once I hit my first turn on the main road I felt much more comfortable. I couldn’t push it like I wanted because the salesman was in the car and there was a bunch of loose tires flopping around the back but it felt good to drive a version of my future home and to affirm that I can drive it. #goals


Pros: Price is great, low miles

Cons: Banged up, scratched, possible rust, 1 accident

Despite the pros when it comes to this van, I think I’m going to pass, mainly because of the possible rust and also the damage to the tire wheel, like really what happened there and why? I’m also a little bias because the I really like the first van below. Look at those cute little windows!




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