By Amira

My focus area since January has been Finances, my goal set for this area is to buy my Ford Transit 250 High Roof Extended, its been four months and well…read below and take away the good

January 5th 2021, I made my goals for Finances. My main goal was to buy my Ford Transit so I can start Van Life. Its April 26th and I still haven’t gotten the keys to my van in my hand, but I am getting closer and I am still leveling up. Three things that I really leveled up from this focus area is: 1) my credit score 2) stock knowledge 3) some van stuff updates.

1) Credit Score

My credit score went up 82 points and I’m officially in the good credit bracket according to Experian with new goals to getting to exceptional, well very good first but ultimately hitting exceptional .

Now, I need them to tell that to my credit union who denied me of my auto loan lol tell them I’m good for it Experian!!!! Positive side, is that I have gotten approval from an online bank, I just need to make sure that they are a real bank, they asked for my social and proof of income so, they must be legit, right?!?! Lol. 

Main things I did to help me increase my credit score and can possibly help you was:

  • Faced the reality of my students loan and got on a payment plan
  • Paid down  credit cards to below 30% (its a little higher know )
  • Continuing to give 10% to church;  save 10% for my future (Acorns) and 10% for personal investing and watching it grow. 



My stock game and knowledge has been growing. My portfolio is so diverse that I can have my own index which is a good and bad thing, I should really just focus on more index funds. I also started reading Intelligent Investor, good book so far but a long read, it would be intelligent of me to finish it and also get rid of some stocks that I bought off the hype .Make sure you do your research and also follow your heart. lol. Don’t listen to me I bought LOVE stock because of the name lol its doing surprisingly well, almost as surprising as when I found out later that was the ticker name for LoveSac and sold couches. Who would have thought, they look nice though.

Main takeaways:

  • Anyways do your research
  •  Don’t overdraft your account trying to invest, not saying that happened to me four times in one day because of reoccurring transfers but it happened to me.
  • Be smart and be nice to customer service. 

3) Van Updates

The search has been a big one, and I think I found the one. I have a perspective 2019 Ford Transit with an hold on it, great mileage (57k)  waiting to hear back from another bank for approval, apparently my credit union didn’t get the update about my credit score raising and said no to giving me $39,000 but when there’s a will there is a way, so pray, in the meantime I was able to do some vanstuff. I watched hours of YouTube videos on vanlife, vanbuilds, collecting more ideas for my van.

 I took action and ordered some Havelock wool, an healthy and ecofriendly way to insulate the van which take 4-6 weeks to get here, so my van should arrive shortly before the wool comes God willing.

*Special Bonus Action:

I found out about this organization last year and thought it was super cool to see a community of other black nomads and knew I wanted to be apart and contribute somehow and I became a sponsor for Black Nomads Meet: Click to donate  

Welcome to Black Nomads Meet – a project designed to connect black people who are interested in the tiny-home movement! Our goal is to embolden the current black nomad community within the greater tiny-home community while inspiring future nomads to learn more about the lifestyle. We started this project to increase the representation and involvement of black people in the van-life/tiny-home/nomad movement. Through events, virtual projects and collaboration with other platforms, we are empowering the black tiny-home community

Focus My Life

I’m super thankful and happy about leveling up and using Focus My Life to reflect. When I first asked myself how I felt about this area I first said an 8, which was actually lower than the 8.2  got in January. I had more money saved and invested but that didn’t change my level, maybe because I still don’t have the keys in my hand as yet, but after further reflecting and realizing my growth I gave myself a 8.5 because of that massive credit score raise, going to the dealership and taking the steps to get my home, plus sent an invoice out for 100 books!!!! Ayyyeeee lol Super cool, and I’ll talk more about those when they cut the check lol. 

I’m going to choose a new focus area at the end of the month and get ready to put my energy into that area which will always some way will still come down to getting my van but I’m excited to move forward. 

Keep taking actions to your goals! What area are you focusing on in your life? 

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