Van Hunt

Finding my Ford Transit High Roof Extended

The hunt for my van aka my future home has been a little more challenging that I thought it would be.

When I first heard of vanlife, I was willing to settle for kidnap van which I thought was cool and doable, a kidnap van was about $8,000 used, I started saving and ready to turn my dream to reality, as I continued doing my research I realized I may want to stand in my home. With that being said, and the growth of vanlife community, I started seeing bigger cargo vans being converted and even got to sleep in a couple while traveling to do a few comedy shows. One time I went with another comedian and the other time I rented one as a Airbnb in Georgia. Shout out Vanny McVan They were both pretty cool experiences, which helped affirm my want for vanlife life. 

(Video from trip from Airbnb in Georgia) 

Van choices for stand up options has literally 3 top choices, everywhere I looked were, Sprinter vans, Ford Transits, and Post Rams. All these vans have more than enough room for me to stand and also more than enough room to live comfortable with all the amenities needed in a home. 

Sprinter Van have the longest vans and are pretty common in the vanlife world but they have a record of being expensive to fix along with parts being hard to find and work on since its a Mercedes. I know I know it sounds luxurious to live in a Benz  lol but I know nothing about fixing cars and I break stuff so I want to have something that can be fixed quickly and at a decent price.

Next option was Post Ram, these are starting to look cuter to me, with their big windows in the back, wide load, a little less length and also lower price ticket than the Ford Transit.

The van I decided to make my home is the Ford Transit High Roof Extended. I always been a fan of Ford’s even when I started my search from the OG Kidnap vans were all Ford Ecoclines, but on top of the Ford name, the Ford Transit High Roof has lots of room for overhead cabinets and taller guest. Plus the High Roof Extended version has extra space, and that two feel makes a big difference, enough to add in an actual shower and still have room for ACTIVITIES!!! 

A lot of activities will go down in this van! 

Overall the Ford Transit also has a lot of good reviews from the van community and also its a number one choice for many van conversion companies.

It was easy deciding on the type of van I wanted, due to my last name being Ford, took a while to try to decide between extended or just a regular high roof. My deciding factor on the extended version was the space, for shower, family and friends and the room for growth.  I have my eye on the van pictured below. Peep the windows!!! Yaaaassss, but yeah I took the steps to reach out to the dealership, put a deposit and now waiting next steps, you’ll know when its official and until then all prayers and donations are appreciated lol. 

What is your reason for picking your van or your vehicle of choice? 




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