How to: Have Fun and Enjoy Life

The great thing about fun is there’s no one way to have it, its up to you on how you do it. Just make sure your being safe, enjoying yourself.

Laughing More– Laughing is always a good sign of a good time. So kind reasons to laugh even during the “bad” times. When you really think about it, life is funny, the good, the bad, the ups, and the downs are all not that serious. You will get through, I promise, and its more fun laughing along the way.

Quality Time with Family and Friends- This always a great way to have fun and share and make experiences with someone else. Being quarntiend for g made me really appreciate family and friends a lot more and the time I have with them. When I think about my month of fun most of it was due to my family and friends, bbqs, seafood broils and a game night, all that sounds good alone but even better with family and friends

Play Games– From video games,  to the quiet game, take time to play.  Play alone, play with others just play. From video games to the quiet game, to pick up all the clothes on the floor that has black in it, lol whatever you need to do to make mundane tasks fun. Playing is also associated with successful people because it allows you to think on the go and be open to take on more challenges and risks.

Move Your Body- Strike that pose in the picture, hold it and try not smile. Something about movement, and wiggling our bodies that makes us happy. Maybe its the weird way endorphins are being released that makes us laugh. Move your body, be silly with it, have FUN!!!!

Anytime you feel down or looking for a way to have fun try: laughing, spending time with family and friends, playing a game or just moving your body, if you really want to have a great time, combine all four!!!!

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