You have a Focus Area, Now What?

Once you have your area you can start by focusing on what you want from that area.

A question you can ask is what would this area look like if it was its best or at a 10. Then create a list of things that it would look like if this area was at its best.

Make your goals S.M.A.R.T

Focus on one goal you can make that will help you get closer that 10. When making your goal, remember to be SMART, be:

  • Specific: Be specific, my goal won’t just be have more fun, which sounds like a great goal actually but it would be more specific such as create more fun videos.
  • Measurable: How will you know you have accomplished your goal. Make 2 and post 2 videos

  • Attainable: Is this something you believe you can do? The word attainable I believe comes downs to what you believe, because anything can happen especially once you start taking actions! Can I do this? Yes
  • Relevant: Is it related to your focus area, and why do you want to achieve it. Is it fun? Yes, I enjoy editing videos
  •  Time- Bound: Give yourself a deadline, this is very helpful for people like myself that procrastinate, deadlines gives you something to work towards. I can do this by next week Tuesday, 5/26/20
  • Goal: Create and post 2 videos i enjoy by Tuesday

Now take action! Chances are there are several actions you need to take to reach your goal, remember to include T.M.E actions also.

  • Think Actions: Praying, mediating, giving thanks, research, reading, anything allowing you to think
  • Make a Statement Actions: Any actions such affirmations or positive conversations about your goals, anything allowing you to speak positive
  • Express Actions: Anything allowing you to express yourself or be creative

What is your goal in order to level up?

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