The Beginner’s Guide to Picking a Focus Area

What is a Focus Area and Why You Should Have One?

A Focus Area is a particular part of your life your will intentionally focus and take actions towards improving.

By choosing a focus area you get an opportunity to focus on a part of your life you may not have thought of or to really focus on parts of your life you want to change.

How to Pick Your Focus Area

You can simply look at the areas and choose one ooooooorrrrr you look at the video below and pick an area randomly. When you pick your area randomly it relieves the stress and pressure of choosing one that is most important. The truth is all these areas are important and they are all connected so feel safe knowing whatever are you randomly pick to focus on that all the other areas are also being affected.

5 Steps to Picking Your Focus Area

How Long To Focus on Area?

How long you choose to focus on your area is entirely up to you, it could be one day, week, month or until you complete a set number of actions. I usually change focus areas once I check off majority of my actions in my Focus My Life guide which varies from one to three months depending on my goal and the amount of actions that I take.

For additional help with your Focus Area or accountability on your Focus Area goals click here and start to level up!

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