3 Takeaways from my first VanLife Experience to Boston


I got the opportunity to travel with another comedian in his van to Boston and have my first VanLife experience. During this weekend I not only learned about VanLife but I also  learned a lot about goals and life in general and came up with these 3 Takeaways.

Takeaway 1:  We are literally one email away from our dreams.

The comedian I was with already sent our emails and some video to different clubs and bars prior to us leaving so on the way to Boston I was prompted with the task of sending out two emails to different comedy clubs in Boston he didn’t get a chance to send. The Comedy Studio and the other one I can’t remember, they didn’t have a email address but I left the message in the contact us section.

That same evening The Comedy Studio sent a reply not only offering us three spots to preform but also gave us each a paid spot on their Saturday sold out show. Super cool, and all it took was an email, and God’s timing also. It turned out that two of their residents comedians just happened to be out of town so everything worked out great. Overall, because a few emails I got the opportunity to do a total of 4 shows in total in Boston! 

So take action and send that email

Take Away 2: Life is All about Choices

Everything ultimately came down to choices when it came to living in a Van for 70 hours, 3 choices that always came up, that were important to me anyways were:

Where am I going to eat, live, and shower? These are choices that we take for granted living in homes, but those questions and those choices interacted with each other more than I thought. 

Pros- get to eat differnet places, try best resturants, live in different areas and find the best views, your forced to workout before you shower and get to experience so cool gyms.

Cons- can get pricy eating out, finding parking, and waking up to cars whipping pass, you can get denied at the gym 


Will definitely have a gym membership because being denied to go to the gym to shower and having to a wash up in a supermarket bathroom before a show isn’t the best scenario, or have a printer in my van to change my address on different phone bills depending on what city I’m in because that would allow me to get into nice gyms with suanas and steam rooms like Boston Athletic Club.

Take away 3: VanLife is POSSIBLE!– I always knew it was possible, especially once I started seeing #blackvanlife and knew there were others like me out there lol but to actually get in a van and experience it for myself was amazing. There were things that could have went better on the trip, like being cold, not sleeping on the floor and traveling/living with people a but all those things will be eliminated in my own vanhome 🙂   

The few times I was alone the van I felt a sense of freedom knowing that I can do this and will enjoy it. Thankful for the experience and ready to do this in my own VanHome!




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