Start investing with just $5

How $5 can grow to $5,000 buy starting your investment with Acorns today

By Amira Ford

Many people that want to level up their finances usually are lead to wanting to invest but don’t know where or how. I was one of those people until a couple of years ago I was introduced by my sister to Acorns.

My sister is a accountant and is always looking for ways to invest and grow her money so I took her word for it and downloaded the app, and I’m super glad it was one of the best financial decisions that I’ve made. Since then I’ve saved over $4,000 with it and gained over $300 from the investments using this app and it all started off with downloading it. So what is it? Best way to explain rather than saying its an awesome investment app is for you to watch this short video to see exactly how it works.

Safety First: Yes this is safe, your money secured, Acorns is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which protects securities customers of its members of $500,000 

Risk Factor: With any type of investment there is a chance for loss, so please invest at your own risk.

Despite the risks, I personally have seen much gain, $314.27 to be exact so if your looking for a place to start investing immediately here’s some reasons why you may want to risk $5 and start today with Acorns.

Reasons for Acorns

  1. Super easy! – You don’t have to know anything about investing, all you have to do is swipe your card. Its that easy!

2. Save/Invest for Retirement– Option for Roth IRA, again you don’t have to know anything about stocks yet your so you can invest not only for now but also for your retirement in their Acorns Later knowing that your retirement money is growing and not just sitting in the bank.

3. Grow Your Knowledge– Acorns offers many easy to read articles that cover the basics so you can grow your knowledge about investing. Growing your knowledge can help you make better fincial decisions about your money and explore even more options to further invest your money. 

4. Savings on steroids- If your going to save anyways you may as well gain from it. I treat this as my alternate savings for both my Vanhome and another option outside of bank for my retirement with Acorns later. You don’t have to stick all your eggs in one basket but have at least one basket of eggs that’s being multiplied to more eggs.

Like a savings account you can take your money out at anytime but it will take 6-9 business days for them to sell your stocks ect. Investing works best when you made a few withdrawals myself from my Acorns account but knowing that it will take nearly two weeks really makes you consider if you even need the money which is incentive to not dip into your accorns fund unless its thought out plan, and how often does that happen.

5. Start with $5.00– $5.00 is all you need to get started, once you see your money grow an you’ll have the confidence to spend knowing that your not only saving but also investing. The sooner you start the better, and even better  you and I get an extra $5.00 when you click the link to start today!

$5.00 is all you need to get started, once you see your money grow an you’ll have the confidence to spend knowing that your not only saving but also investing!

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