What to do when your actions are on pause?

How to press play

By Amira Ford

Have you ever had that moment you realize none of the important things to do on your to-do list gets done. You realize you did the fun or easy stuff but the ones that really make an impact are left unchecked? #fml 

I had this moment as I was reviewing my actions list from my Focus My Life journal, I realized that a lot of the important action ones weren’t being marked off. Ones that get me closer to my goals like making calls, sending emails. I was checking off things like affirmations and prayer but those are simple already for me to do. Affirmations build confidence and prayer is a form of affirmations mixed with faith so I’m utilizing the T.M but still why was I on pause when it came actually taking actionable actions? 

I reflected and came up with 3 reasons why I may be on pause and 3 solutions to solving them:

Problem 1: Not Clear I realized that I was not clear in my actions. I knew I was supposed to send emails and make phones calls but to who exactly?  It would be much easier if I had a list of organizations, emails and names. Which now gives me a new action build a list to reach my goal of 25 organizations to contact. 

Solution 1: Get Clear- Think on how the task could be easier and start there. Or if you really don’t know ask for help #google.

Problem 2: Procrastination- This is one of my weaknesses, but been figuring out how to use it as a strength because although I procrastinate I usually meet the deadline. The problem is when my deadline is too far in advance which gives me the illusion that I have more time and when time comes I realize I don’t. 

Solution 2: Quick 15, 30 or 5 minutes, if you have to start bigger or smaller, but give yourself a window of time where you are going to focus solely on your action. No phones, no Netflix in the background, put some music on if that works for you but dedicate that time to taking action. 

Problem 3: Putting Fun First– I love having fun and celebrating with family and friends and even just meeting up to catch up with old friends but I’ve realized I’ve been putting more time and money into going out than I have put towards my goals. If we can make time to spend money we can make time to make money by doing simple things like research, sending an email or getting clear on your actions.

Solution 3: Take Action First

Every action counts! Actions don’t make perfect but def makes progress. First step is getting it started.

Bonus: When you do actions before you meet up with your friends, it always a good conversation starter and an opportunity to talk about your goals and #makeastatement!

If you find yourself on pause, stay on pause a little longer to reflect on what’s stopping you from taking action and pressing play. 


Every action counts. Actions don’t make perfect but def makes progress. First step by getting it started.

You may have similar reasons or completely different ones and solutions, do what works for you but the most important part is to get clear, find a solution to take action and press play! We got this!