5 Action Plays from Progress Playbook to Level Up

5 Action
Plays to Progress

5 key takeaways after talking to the founder of Progress Playbook on how take T.M.EGoals or any business to the next level!


By Amira Ford

What if you knew 5 actions to help jump start your business, would you take them? Today I got to sit down with Lloyd Cambridge, founder of Progress Playbook and talked about how to take TMEGoals to the next level. I was excited for this meeting because he’s doing similar work to what I want to do (helping others) and he started off his business the same way as most entrepreneurs do, with a dream. He turned his dream to a reality by taking action to create Progress Playbook. Their teams mission is to “equip entrepreneurs to design the business, life and world that they love” and from our meeting I got five action plays that will help any entrepreneur, artist, creative, or human being that wants to grow.

5 Action Plays for Progress

  1. Identify the Right Events– find the places where your customers or clients going to be, and go there.
  2. Stay in Front of Faces– this isn’t just digital but actual live faces, this shows the digital faces your not just a digital face and the most important reason is this is how you meet live faces and potential clents
  3. Build Relationships– Once you meet your live faces its important to build relationships with them. You can do this online, over phone or in person but reach out to find out what they need and also keep them aware your services and how you are able to help them
  4. Set a goal for your ActivitiesРSet a numeric goal for the amount of activties you can do. Activites leads to sales, these things include emails, calls, valuable content, and basically 1-3. 
  5. I am enough!– Say it loud and proud. Know that theirs a reason your in the postion your in to offer your services, God wouldn’t have put you there and people wouldn’t be interested in your service, so have confidence and share your dream and take actions to make it reality.
Which one of these actions or activities are you going to take this week?
Thank you Lloyd for meeting with me an looking forward to collaborating with Progress Playbook in the future, and to utilize these 5 Action Plays to Level Up!!!

“Activities leads to sales” Lloyd Cambridge, founder of Progress Playbook

About Lloyd Cambridge:

Since a child in Brownsville, Brooklyn, the founder of Progress Playbook, Lloyd Cambridge, always wanted to start a business but lacked the confidence, resources and support to make it happen. Despite these roadblocks, he never stopped dreaming. After graduating college at NYU, he spent his career supporting entrepreneurs and business owners as a business banker, teacher and public servant, but he knew that he could do more, so he finally put his fears aside, quit his job and ventured out, and started Progress Playbook, a business training and service platform for entrepreneurs. 

Progress Playbook Mission:

“To equip entrepreneurs to design the business, life and world that they love”.¬†

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