Spirituality: Praying to Level Up

Focus: Spirituality

To Pray or Not to Pray isn’t the question but How to Pray?

By Amira Ford

For the last month I’ve been focused on Spirituality. I pick my areas at random, but it always end up being what I needed to focus on. Spirituality is most likely something we all need to focus on but don’t ever think about it. A secret when I do my Happiness Surveys with people, the happiest people usually have the higher levels in spirituality, sooo I think they maybe on to something. When it came to my goal to  in this area, I chose to pray for each area at least five minutes twice. This goal plus  T.M.E actions listed below allowed me to level up from a 6.5 to an 8.

T:Think-: Find 5 Bible Verses that backed up the power of prayer. Watched 1-7 of Mike Todd Charged Up Series.

During this series he compares our spiritual life to a cell phone, and teaches us how we can stay charged up and connected to God. In part 5 of the series he actually breaks down how to pray like Jesus prayed in the popular “Our Father” prayer we used to say before basketball games. His break down of this prayer not only helped me focus my prayers but also strengthen them so its not only meaningful for me but also for others.

Watch below and see for yourself #getchargedup


M:Make A Statement– Add 5 Spiritual Affirmations to my box

  1. I am praying daily
  2. My prayers are being answered
  3. I am trusting God
  4. I am giving thanks
  5. I am connecting with God

 E: Express- Add spirituality pictures to my vision book

Actions– Pray for each area for 5 minutes (2x)

After the first couple of my prayer sessions I started actually writing down what  I wanted to pray about in each area before I started my next prayer so I could focus in what wanted to talk to God about. Praying intentionally in addition to the technique on how to pray from Mike Todd, plus adding an instrumental in the background to help me with time purposes and build drama to my prayer lol, but my prayer sessions has been special.

At first, and even still someetimes, getting started and setting aside time to pray is a little challenge and intimidating for some reason (word on the block that reason is our ego that stops us from wanting to pray) but once I get to praying I don’t want to stop because of the peace I feel being able to give everything to God.

If you haven’t tried praying in a while, try it today and level up!♥

Mark 11:24 New International Version (NIV)

24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

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