Focus Point: Give What You Can

Helping Others

I was on the the train working on focusing my life and a man came on the train through the doors by my scooter. I was slightly annoyed because it’s “prohibited” to walk through those doors which is why I put my scooter there lol Anyways as I continued working and realized he was giving a speech asking for something, I didn’t hear the first part of his speech but when I turned down my music he said the word help at least 3 times, he asked does anyone want to help? Anything will help. Don’t be embarrassed to help me, and at that point I raised my hand. I had l some quarters in my bag for moments like this and emergencies, so I gave it to him. He thanked me and walked away. After I felt a type of way because I had a $10 bill in my pocket. Here is someone asking for help while I’m focusing on help and I gave him the bare minimum. What’s even worse is that one of my goals is to give five dollars or more to 10+ strangers, I had the opportunity to achieve my goal and help someone and I let both of us down and he didn’t even know it. 😒

How many times do we have opportunities to help others and/or ourselves do the minimum? 

But good news is that the next person that asks for help got something coming, but they got to say help at least three times so I know it’s real 🤗🤑🤗

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