The Motivational Experience

TMEGoals offers you țo The Motivational Experience! Our three concepts create this experience: Think, Make a Statement, and Express. We focus on these concepts in our workshops, one-on-one life coaching and books to reach our goals. When we take the time to combine our thoughts, words, and creativity, it motivates us to take more action towards our goals.

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"This experience was very powerful"
Level UP Participant
"I learned and will try believing, loving and empowering myself"
Level UP Participant

What is T.M.E?

T.M.E stands for The Motivational Experience, but it is more than just an acronym for this organization. It is an acronym for three concepts proven by successful people to help us reach our goals and do what we love. These three concepts are T- Think, M- Make A Statement, and E-Express. These concepts plus focused actions can help us reach our goals and make life The Motivational Experience.

T.M.E Concepts

T: Think

Thoughts are very powerful. Anything that ever created started with a thought. Thoughts influence how we feel and our actions, which is why our thoughts must be focused and aligned with our goals.

M: Make a statement

Make A Statement- Affirmations are positive statements that generate thoughts and feelings. When you make positive statements about your goals, such as I am, will, etc., it generates positive thoughts to motivate you to reach your goals and builds self-esteem to take action towards your goals.


Expression brings excitement and motivation to do what you love. Creatively express and share your ideas and thoughts about your goals. You can do this through art, writing, music etc.


T.M.E concepts will motivate you and give direction to your goals, but it takes action to get us to reach our goals. What small actions will you take immediately to get closer to your goals? Do so now.

tmegoals activities

Think Activities make you think:

  • Prayer
  • Meditating
  • Day Dreaming
  • Research
  • Reading
  • Thinking Big
  • Asking Questions
  • Free Writing

Make a Statement Activities make you talk positively about your goals:

  • Affirmate
  • Positive Statements 
  • Mirror Talk
  • Sing Song
  • Use Words to take Action

Express Activities allow you to creatively express yourself:

  • Journal
  • Vision Boards
  • Poetry
  • Art
  • Musi

Actions drive goals, and every action matters, especially after you use TME concepts and put thought, word, and creativity into what you want to do. You will want to and should take action. 

T.M.E Goals provides accountability to help you Level Up! Contact Us

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Focus My life has been one of those sneaky good tools. It’s those tools you use and may pick up again later and then use again and then pick up later. But all those times you have been picking up and putting it to rest you have slowly been manifesting your goals. I have used Focus My Life to help me find a new job"
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"This book has helped me focus on what’s truly significant to me at this stage in my life of manifestation. To level up, having a guideline & remainders definitely helps to get you to the next level. This book is brilliant if you are ready TO FOCUS & LEVEL UP your life."
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"A great tracker for life goals both large and small."
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"I love how it made me feel free and focused. I was able to be creative. It was almost like I felt alive."
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"I have really been enjoying this book. I am really happy that the book provided an area for me to write my mental and physical goals down."
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WHAT PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT The motivational experience

"Everybody needs to be able to actively focus on where they want to level up and this workshop helped to put things into perspective"
Level UP Participant
"I learned to take steps towards my goals in life and go for it"
"I started using this book and I love it. I like how self explanatory the book is and how easy it is to use and keep up. It helps me focus my goals and look back at what I achieved"
"This book is an amazing book. when I felt that I couldn’t organize my thoughts enough this book gave me guidance on how to arrange and prioritize different aspects in my life."

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We use TME Concepts to encourage, motivate, and share the message, “do what you love.” #DWYL 

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Share TME concepts and provide tools and resources so creators can take action towards their goals and do what they love. #DWYL

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